At Kalypsys, one of the most essential tools we provide our patients is our comprehensive online review system. Single source online review sites tend to be procured and edited. Reviews on Kalypsys are collated from multiple, industry respected websites to provide a ‘360 degree’ online reputation that saves patients significant time researching the provider.
  1. What are Kalypsys reviews?
    Kalypsys reviews are generated only from patients who have seen the provider by directly booking an appointment through the Kalypsys platform. This ensures that the patient encounter actually occurred and prevents ‘fake’ reviews.
  2. What external review sites are shown?
    Our software automatically collates online reviews from respected websites such as Google, Healthgrades, and Vitals. We continue to partner with market leading websites to provide the most robust online review system available.
  3. Are reviews deleted or moderated?
    At Kalypsys, we are growing a community of providers and patients. Online reviews help other patients find the right provider, and the reviews also help providers grow their practice. We allow providers to respond to patient reviews. By allowing a response by the provider, this provides a fair and transparent review system to both patients and providers.
We have a few review guidelines that help grow our community.
  1. Patient Privacy - As a HIPAA compliant platform, your privacy is paramount. We will not post reviews that contain your personal information or specific medical diagnoses.
  2. Profanity - We will not tolerate offensive or derogatory language.
  3. Conflict of Interest - reviews are most effective when they are unbiased and genuine. Reviews posted on Kalypsys as well as on external sites that are found to be written by current or former employees or competitors may be removed.
  4. Accuracy of Diagnosis and Treatment - Kalypsys is committed to ensuring our patients receive the medical treatment they deserve. A medical online review system is not the place to argue, report, or criticize the accuracy of the diagnosis and treatment that was received. We encourage patients to contact the appropriate channels if they have concerns about the accuracy of their care.