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Chances are you’ve experienced it before – that nagging, stabbing pain in your shoulder and upper back that makes daily activities difficult. Shoulder pain can be really frustrating, limiting your mobility and disrupting sleep. 

But you don’t have to just live with it. 

At Kaly, we understand how debilitating back of shoulder pain can be. The constant ache and soreness make even simple daily activities difficult. You may have trouble lifting objects, sleeping comfortably, or even sitting at your desk. This pain prevents you from fully participating in the activities you love.

We’re Here to Help You Find Relief

As your trusted partner in chronic pain management, we want to empower you to take control and improve your quality of life. Our team of experts has extensive experience treating various causes of back of shoulder pain, including rotator cuff injuries, arthritis, strained muscles, pinched nerves, and more.

What is Back of Shoulder Pain?

back of shoulder pain

Back of shoulder pain affects the top and back area of the shoulders, near the shoulder blades. It can originate from damaged rotator cuff, inflamed tendons, arthritis, pinched nerves, or muscle strains. This type of pain causes aching, soreness, stiffness, and reduced range of motion in the shoulders.

What are Symptoms to Watch For:

Pain when lifting arms over head, difficulty reaching for objects, discomfort lying on shoulder, radiating pain down the arm, and muscle soreness surrounding the shoulder blade.

Common Back of Shoulder Pain Causes We Can Treat

  • Rotator cuff injuries – strain or tear of the shoulder muscles/tendons
  • Adhesive capsulitis – stiffness and reduced range of motion
  • Osteoarthritis – wear and tear damage to the joints
  • Pinched nerve – compressed nerves causing radiating pain
  • Muscle strain – overuse and muscle tears

FAQs on Back of Shoulder Pain

What can I do to reduce back shoulder pain?

Use ice or heat packs on the area to relieve pain. Take acetaminophen or NSAIDs to reduce swelling. Perform gentle shoulder stretches. Wear an elbow or shoulder brace for support. Try massage therapy. Improve posture when sitting. Sleep on your side.

What are some reasons for shoulder pain?

Rotator cuff injuries, arthritis, strains, fractures, frozen shoulder, pinched nerves in the neck or spine can cause shoulder pain.

How should I sleep with back shoulder pain?

Sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees. Use a contoured pillow for neck support. Avoid sleeping on your stomach. Consider a body pillow for support. Maintain proper spine alignment.

Can back issues cause shoulder pain?

Yes, spinal problems like herniated discs and pinched nerves can radiate pain to the shoulders. Tight back muscles from compensation can also cause shoulder discomfort.

How do I know if I’ve strained my shoulder?

You’ll feel sudden pain during activity. The shoulder is tender when pressed. It’s difficult to lift your arm overhead. You may hear a “pop.” Swelling, bruising or spasms may develop.

Can shoulder pain affect your back?

Yes, shoulder tightness can worsen posture and cause back pain. Overcompensation strains the back. Inflammation can spread. See a physical therapist.

Is back shoulder pain a sign of a heart attack?

Possibly. Referred shoulder pain, especially on the left side, can indicate reduced blood flow to the heart. Seek emergency care if you suspect a heart attack.

When should I be concerned about shoulder pain?

See your doctor if severe pain persists beyond a few days or you can’t move your arm normally. Also if you experience sudden injury, swelling or chest pain.

Can upper back pain cause headaches?

Yes, muscle tension in the neck and shoulders is a common cause of tension headaches. Improve posture and get massages.

How long should it last?

Muscle strains may resolve in weeks. Severe injuries take months to heal. Arthritis causes recurring flare ups. Seek prompt treatment for sudden injuries.

What is the best medicine?

OTC NSAIDs, muscle relaxants for spasms, topical creams, injections for arthritis, and opioids for severe short-term pain.

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Through tailored treatments through Kaly, you can reduce inflammation, increase flexibility, and strengthen the surrounding muscles and joints. Our goal is to connect you with experts that can help you regain a comfortable, wide range of motion so you can get back to living life to the fullest.

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