Physiotherapy Techniques for Neck Pain

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physiotherapy techniques for neck pain

At Kaly, we understand that neck pain can be extremely uncomfortable and debilitating. That’s why we recommend connecting with one of our highly-skilled physiotherapists for personalized treatment. 

In this blog post, we’ll overview some of the most effective physiotherapy techniques for managing neck pain.

Manual Therapy

Hands-on manual therapy is commonly used by physiotherapists to treat neck pain. Techniques like joint mobilization and massage help to relax tight muscles, restore range of motion, and reduce pain and inflammation. 

Our experienced physiotherapists will manually manipulate the joints and soft tissues in your neck to improve mobility and provide pain relief.


physiotherapy techniques for neck pain

Specific neck exercises prescribed by a physiotherapist can help strengthen the muscles that support your neck and improve posture and flexibility. At Kaly, your physiotherapist will design a customized exercise program to target your neck pain. 

Common exercises include chin tucks, shoulder rolls, neck stretches and low-impact aerobic exercise. Performing these exercises regularly at home between physiotherapy sessions helps reinforce the benefits.

How many physiotherapy sessions are needed to treat neck pain?

The number of sessions depends on severity and duration of symptoms. Chronic neck pain often requires 6-12 sessions over 4-6 weeks along with home exercises. Acute pain may resolve faster.

Should I do physiotherapy exercises at home?

Yes, your physiotherapist will prescribe specific exercises to do at home between sessions to reinforce the benefits. Consistency is key.


Applying gentle traction to the neck can help widen the space between vertebrae, taking pressure off pinched nerves and discs to alleviate neck pain

Manual traction applied by a physiotherapist combined with at-home traction devices can provide tension relief. Your Kaly physiotherapist can determine if traction is appropriate for your condition.

Hot and Cold Therapy

Alternating hot and cold packs on your neck is an easy at-home treatment that can alleviate inflammation and muscle spasms. 

Heat helps boost blood flow to relax tight muscles while cold therapy numbs pain. Our physiotherapists may recommend using ice packs or heating pads as part of your recovery plan.

Posture Correction

Poor posture often contributes to neck stiffness and pain. Your Kaly physiotherapist can assess your posture issues and provide tips for improving neck positioning throughout the day. 

Simply being mindful of keeping your neck straight and shoulders back can help reduce strain. We may also recommend using an orthopedic neck pillow for proper neck support.

Lifestyle Modifications

a woman doing neck stretches at work

Making simple changes to your everyday habits and workspace setup can have a big impact on neck pain. 

Your physiotherapist will advise you on modifications like using wrist rests for computer work, adjusting your car headrest, and taking regular stretch breaks. Integrating positive lifestyle changes enhances the benefits of hands-on physiotherapy treatment.

At Kaly, connecting you with a licensed physiotherapist for a customized treatment plan is our top priority. 

Schedule an appointment through our secure platform to get started on the road to managing your neck pain. Our easy booking process and compliance with privacy regulations makes it simple to access expert neck physiotherapy care.

What if physiotherapy for my neck pain doesn’t work?

Your physiotherapist may need to modify your program or refer you for imaging or specialist assessment if your condition fails to improve with conservative treatment.

When should I consider surgery for a neck issue?

Surgery may be warranted for conditions like herniated discs, spinal stenosis or unstable spine injuries that do not respond to non-operative treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Physiotherapy for Neck Pain

Wondering if physiotherapy is right for your neck pain? Here are answers to some of the key questions we often receive about physiotherapy treatment for neck and cervical issues:

What techniques does a physiotherapist use to treat neck pain?

Physiotherapists use hands-on manual therapy like joint mobilization and soft tissue massage along with exercises, traction, hot/cold therapy, posture correction and lifestyle advice. The approach is tailored to each patient.

When should I see a physiotherapist for neck pain?

Seeing a physiotherapist right away when neck pain persists can help avoid chronic issues. Your doctor may refer you to physiotherapy or you can book directly through Kaly.

What can I expect at my first physiotherapy appointment?

The initial assessment includes discussing your condition, range of motion tests, postural analysis, palpation of the neck muscles and joints, and developing a treatment plan.

Can physiotherapy help neck pain from whiplash or injury?

Yes, physiotherapy is very effective for treating neck strains, sprains, whiplash and sports injuries through modalities like soft tissue mobilization and therapeutic exercises.

Can physio help neck pain from poor posture and office work?

Yes, postural retraining, ergonomic advice, mobility exercises and relaxation techniques can alleviate neck pain related to poor posture and prolonged sitting.

What is the cost of physiotherapy for neck pain?

The cost ranges from $70-$150 per session depending on the clinic, with extended health plans covering a portion. Kaly provides upfront pricing for full cost transparency.

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