Pressure Points for Neck Pain

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pressure points for neck pain

Unlock the Secret Pressure Points for Instant Neck Pain Relief

If you suffer from nagging neck soreness, stiffness or pain, activating specific pressure points may help provide relief without medication. 

At Kaly, we want to educate patients on proven self-care techniques like acupressure. 

Gently stimulating trigger points in the neck, shoulders and back can ease muscle tension, improve circulation and reduce discomfort.

What Are Pressure Points?

Pressure points are sensitive areas on the body that provide access to the nervous system. Also called acupressure points, correctly applying pressure to them is believed to release muscle knots and blocked energy flow. This can alleviate localized pain.

Key mechanisms of pressure point therapy include:

  • Increasing blood circulation to distressed areas
  • Releasing built-up lactic acid
  • Reducing inflammatory compounds
  • Promoting relaxation

Research indicates acupressure activates the body’s natural painkillers and provides measurable pain relief. It’s a safe, low-cost way to find neck pain relief at home.

Best Pressure Points to Treat Neck Pain

Here are some of the most effective pressure points to target for relieving neck discomfort:

GB20 – Base of the Skull

This point is located right at the base of the skull, in the indents between the neck muscles. It relieves frontal headaches, neck tension and eye strain.

GB21 – Top of the Shoulders

Found at the highest point of the shoulders, near the neck, pressing this point can ease shoulder and neck tightness.

LI4 – Between Thumb and Forefinger

Stimulating this point between the thumb and forefinger helps relax the muscles and tendons of the neck.

LI10 – Outer Forearm

LI10 sits on the outer forearm, a few inches below the elbow. It reduces neck stiffness and discomfort.

LI11 – Outer Elbow Crease

This elbow point minimizes tension headaches and neck pain when stimulated.

SI3 – Hand Between Pinky and Ring Finger

Pressing between the 4th and 5th fingers relieves neck tightness and pain radiating down the arm.

With a bit of practice, you can learn to effectively activate these and other pressure points yourself at the first sign of neck discomfort.

Techniques to Stimulate Neck Pain Relief Points

Here are some simple ways to apply pressure and get neck pain relief:

  • Use your fingers, knuckles or thumbs to progressively press on each point for 30 seconds up to a few minutes.
  • Try a kneading or circular rubbing motion at the pressure points.
  • Apply firm pressure but not to the point of excessive pain.
  • Use devices like massage balls on a rope or pressure point wands to stimulate hard-to-reach spots.
  • Heat further boosts circulation; try a heated scarf or pad at the same time.
  • Combine acupressure with gentle neck stretches or exercises.

Aim to stimulate the key pressure points for neck pain 2-3 times per day for cumulative relief. It may take a few sessions to feel the full benefits.

Additional Acupressure Techniques

Beyond specific points, some other acupressure techniques to try include:

  • Cervical neck massage – Massage the neck and trapezius muscles using acupressure kneading and circular rubbing.
  • Trigger point release – Apply sustained, deep pressure on tight muscle knots for 30 seconds to release them.
  • Jin shin – Using your thumb and fingers, simultaneously hold related pressure points on the front and back of the neck.
  • Acupressure mat – Lie on a mat with protruding stimulation points to relax muscle tension.

Varying the acupressure approach keeps the nervous system responsive. At Kaly, we educate patients on proven techniques to manage neck pain at home.

When to See a Doctor for Neck Pain

While extremely beneficial, acupressure has its limits. Seek medical care if you experience:

  • Sharp, radiating pain or numbness in the arms/hands
  • Loss of strength or dexterity in the arms/hands
  • Persistent headache along with neck pain
  • Fevers, chills or unexplained weight loss
  • Pain following any injury or accident

Seeing a physician will ensure there is no underlying spinal condition requiring treatment beyond acupressure. Kaly connects patients with top local doctors for specialized neck pain relief.

The Kaly Advantage for Neck Pain

At Kaly, we offer an array of advantages to simplify getting neck pain relief, such as:

  • Access to highly rated local pain management doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and acupuncturists

Online booking for your choice of top providers

  • Secure sharing of medical records between practitioners
  • Appointment reminders and follow-up scheduling
  • Telehealth visits for online pain assessment and treatment

Don’t let neck pain hamper your quality of life. Kaly can connect you with proven solutions, from self-care strategies like acupressure to skilled medical care for lasting relief. Contact us today to take control of stubborn neck pain!

Frequently Asked Questions for Pressure Points for Neck Pain

Where are the pressure points on the neck?

Key pressure points for neck pain relief include the base of the skull, top of the shoulders near the neck, and the outer elbow crease. Points between the thumb/fingers also help.

How long should you hold an acupressure point? 

Apply firm but gentle pressure to acupressure points for 30 seconds up to a few minutes at a time. Repeat 2-3 times daily for cumulative benefits.

Can I use a massage device on neck pressure points? 

Yes, massage tools like pressure point wands, acupressure mats, and neck massagers can stimulate hard-to-reach points to relieve muscle tightness.

What is the best acupressure point for neck pain? 

Some of the most effective points are GB20 at the base of the skull, GB21 on top of the shoulders near the neck, and LI4 between the thumb and forefinger.

Can acupressure help with pinched nerves in the neck? 

Yes, by releasing muscle tension and increasing circulation, acupressure can relieve compressed nerve pain and reduce inflammation.

Acupressure gives you a way to find drug-free neck pain relief anywhere, anytime. 

Kaly provides the medical guidance and support needed to resolve neck pain. Contact us to start feeling better today!