Upper Back Pain

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Understanding ICD-10 Codes for Upper Back Pain

If you’re one of the millions of adults suffering from debilitating upper back pain, you know how difficult it can…
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Is Upper Back Pain a Sign of Cancer? When to Worry and What to Do

If you're experiencing persistent upper back pain, it's only natural for some worry to creep in. Could this pain signal…
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Easing Upper Back Pain for Expecting Moms

If you're reading this, chances are you've noticed some achiness in your upper back since becoming pregnant. As your resident…
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Getting to the Root Cause of Your Upper Back Pain on the Right Side

Upper back pain localized to the right side is a common patient complaint. It can result from muscle tightness, poor…
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Don’t Let Back of Shoulder Pain Hold You Back Any Longer

Chances are you’ve experienced it before - that nagging, stabbing pain in your shoulder and upper back that makes daily…
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Diagnosing and Treating Upper Back Pain When Breathing

Taking a deep breath should be relaxing, not painful. Yet for many, upper back soreness strikes when inhaling. Sharp or…
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COVID-19’s Surprising New Symptom – Upper Back Pain

The Pain Between Your Shoulder Blades May Be More Than Just Poor Posture You're probably one of the millions experiencing…
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Feel That Knot In Your Upper Back? Try These Soothing Stretches For Pain Relief

Does it feel like there’s a tennis ball lodged between your shoulder blades? Do you wince when reaching for your…
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Is Upper Back Pain Holding You Back? Learn Ways to Find Relief

Your upper back is a complex structure designed for strength, flexibility, and support—when it hurts, your whole life feels off…
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